NYEA的选修科目是可以在主要课程标准英语和TOEFL上追加自己需要的科目授讲。一周两次即4个小时的课程应该不会有困难。当然,只授讲自己的选择的科目亦可(需要学生签证的学生不可)。想要矫正英语发音,要使用各种短句练习会话的话,发音・会话班最适合。想要增加词汇或学习当地人讲的俚语的话,推荐成 语・俚语班。NYEA的选修科目能够使你在不花费时间又不勉强的进度下得以学习。



这个班是根据学生的要求着重练习发音矫正+会话练习的。既可以只听发音&会话课,也可以同Standard English Program和商务英语组合。


  • 学习单词的语调
  • 发音矫正
  • 通过会话练习增强用英语说话的自信心


Weeks Topic Language Focus
1 & 2 Conversation: Your Life • Getting Started, Beyond Hello, Home, Family, Eating and Drinking, Habits, Being Yourself, Staying Healthy, Parenting, Friends, Pets
3 & 4 Pronunciation: Difficult Consonant Sounds • Improving the pronunciation of English’s most problematic consonant sounds
5 & 6 Conversation: Free Time • Travel, California, Reading, Music, Television, Movies, Sports, Gardening, Beach, Celebrations
7 & 8 Pronunciation: Difficult Vowel Sound • Improving the pronunciation of English’s most problematic vowel sounds
9 & 10 Conversation: Modern Times • Opinion, Life’s Changes, Fashion, Beauty, Dating, Money, Eating Out, Gambling, Life Partners, Stress
11 & 12 Conversation: Civic Life Job Interviews, Work Life, School, Studying English, American Culture, Cities, Cars, Crime, Voting, Heroes

课程表<4 小时/周>

周二&周四 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm



Yhada Thawikasemchok  - 2018年5月
班级 : 发音&会话课




既可以只听成语&俚语的课,也可以同Standard English Program和商务英语组合。


  • 学习当地美国人常用的惯用句
  • 增加词汇量


Weeks Topic Words/Idioms Writing Focus
1 Work • Blow the whistle, botch up, fall asleep at the wheel, called to the carpet, caught in the act, get a clue, goof off, rude awakening, see eye to eye, wacko
2 Shopping • Beside oneself, birdbrain, to get burned, fishy, I’ve had it, know-it-all, on the fritz, slimy, splitting headache, through the roof Newspaper column
3 Guests • Beat it, crash, go downhill, eat out of house and home, everything but the kitchen sink, in for a shocker, have it made, nervous wreck, plastered, wolf down Fairy tale
4 The Park In the nick of time, black eye, crazy about, “don’t go there”, gross out, “Knock yourself out”, nagging feeling, nerd, pick up, sing a different tune, ticked off, “wake up and smell the coffee”
5 Birthday Party • Artsy-fartsy, bad hair day, big time, blind as a bat, bone to pick, bug someone, cheesy, crash a party, fall head over heels, hard time swallowing something, have it out with someone, like pulling teeth
6 The Subway Out of the blue, crook, goner, hand over, held up, homebody, make a pass at, make fun, not playing with a full deck, scared stiff, sitting duck Completing a story
7 Aches and pains Describing how to solve a problem Business Report
8 Babysitting Take a breather, computer nerd, cut it out, keep one’s cool, knock someone’s socks off, lay down the law, “like father, like son”, lose it, neat freak, scream your lungs out, toss up, up to something, wiz kid
9 & 10 At the Bakery “Beats me”, couch potato, crabby, flip over something, “From where I sit…”, get off someone’s back, junk food, munch out, pick-me-up, run down, torn between, tub of lard, “What’s wrong with this picture?”, wide awake Write an original story
11 & 12 On the Phone “A little bird told me”, to be a brain, dig up something, a fish out of water, have the hots for someone, hit the nail on the head, in the dark, kiss up to someone, on hold, paint yourself into a corner, sink or swim, slave driver, “What’s eating you?”, work like mad

课程表<4 小时/周>

周一&周三 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm